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    Search Query Pedia is organized as a vocabulary that provides relevant information for search queries entered by users in search engines.

  For each search query you will find:

  • web pages most relevant to the query

  • a list of search phrases based on the query of interest - so you can easily narrow the search

  • the concurrency (the number of search results) in most popular search engines - this allows you to decide where to search further

  • goods related to the current search query or keyword

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The Structure

  • Add Pages provides an opportunity to link pages of your Web site to relevant search queries in our encyclopedia.

  • Search allows you to check whether our encyclopedia contains information & statistics for a certain phrase.

  • Free Keywords are sets of search queries available for free download. The sets are generated for 100 most popular keywords.

  The page for a letter of the English alphabet contains keywords (single-word search queries) that start with the corresponding letter. A page that describes a keyword shows the information and statistics for that keyword and a list of longer search queries based on it. Similarly, a page describing a 2-word search query contains the statistics for the query and a list of longer search phrases based on it, and so on. Note that spaces and other separators are not counted as words.
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