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  New PORCELAINPLAIN 9002 Porcelain Phone PLAIN

Petra 90-1060 3-Wire Range Cords (Closed Eyelet) (4-ft 40A)

  Features: 40A. 250V. UL listed. ISO 9002 certified. 12/48. 4 ft.

Petra 90-1060QC Range Cords - Quick Connect (4-ft 40A Closed End)

  Features: UL listed. ISO 9002 certified. 4-ft range cord. 40A 250V. Closed end.

Petra 90-1074 3-Wire Range Cords (Open Eyelet) (6-ft 50A)

  Features: 50A. 250V. UL listed. ISO 9002 certified. 12/48. 6 ft.


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