search query pedia - About

  Search Query Pedia is a simple search encyclopedia. Like search engines it provides relevant information for different search queries. However, the encyclopedia is not yet another search engine: it doesn't index all Web sites and so doesn't flood the user with thousands of results (most of which are never opened).

  Our primary goal is to give a neat answer to a search query. Therefore, for each search query we display just a few web pages that most likely contain the information the user would expect to get in response to that query. If the user is not satisfied with the provided info, they can:

  • easily narrow the search by picking a more specific search query from a ready list of relevant search queries;
  • continue searching with the search engine of their choice (it is possible to do this right from the same page as every search query page contains a chart that reflects approximate amount of results for the current search query in most popular search engines).

  Search engines constantly improve their algorithms but automatic ranking is still not smart enough. We believe that only a human can properly match a Web page to a search query. Therefore, only webmasters and web site owners are allowed to link Web pages to search queries: they, being the SEO specialists, clearly understand the subject area of their Web sites and know what search queries best match Web pages of their sites.

  On the other hand, to avoid the situation when webmasters attempt to link Web pages to most popular search queries rather than to most relevant ones, we do not accept all submitted Web pages automatically and manually verify all links suggested.

  We hope that such a scheme will help us build a quality search encyclopedia that will be both useful for regular users (as they would be able to easily and quickly find the desired information) and attractive to webmasters (as they can link Web pages to search queries for free and unlike search engines we do not have a "second page" of results - so submitted web pages are always in the top ten).

  Of course, there is nothing absolutely perfect, so if you have any thoughts on how to improve our search encyclopedia, please do not hesitate to contact us.