search query pedia - Submission Rules

  Our encyclopedia contains various information for many search queries. First of all, every search query page (a page with information for a search query) lists a number of web pages relevant to the query. A list of web pages matching a search query should be composed by people that clearly understand the subject area of the query. Therefore, we invite webmasters and Web site owners to link pages of their Web sites to search queries of our encyclopedia.

How to add a page

  In order to add a page of your Web site into our encyclopedia one needs to:

  1. Find a search query relevant to the contents of your page and note the URL of the search query page. You can either browse the tree-like structure of queries or use our Search service.

    IMPORTANT:We recommend that you pick a more specific (longer) query: if you attempt to link a page to a general query your submission will be declined. For instance, if your page is about SEO for Google, do not try to link it to the single-word 'SEO' query, use 'SEO for Google' instead.

  2. Put a link to the desired search query page on the relevant page of your Web site. The HTML code may look like this:
    Related info: <a href="">search query</a>

  3. Submit the URL of your page through the Submission Form

  Our moderators will review the submission within 2 business days. If they approve it your page will be displayed on the corresponding search query page as long as you keep a backlink to it.
  Note: the comment about your page is taken from the description meta tag if it is not empty.

  To see an example of a properly created backlink, visit the Battleship page at the page contains the Battleship game and is linked to the battleship war game query.



  • 10 pages per domain
  • 10 pages per search query
  • The same page can only be linked to 1 search query