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Dyslexia and Literacy: Theory and Practice

  'There are many examples of good practices in literacy which have not fully impacted upon the ways in which we teach children with dyslexia. Dyslexia and Literacy: An Introduction to Theory and Practice provides the reader with an understanding of the most recent theoretical positions in dyslexia and literacy and how these may be applied in practice. The book critically considers the current notions of literacy, provides an understanding of literacy concepts and re-appraises what we mean by literacy. The implications of this for dyslexic children are immense as it means that assessment and support can be more embedded in the curriculum context. The role of professionals such as learning support co-ordinators and educational psychologists are discussed within current legislative and theoretical frameworks. Classroom intervention and approaches to dealing with the diverse needs presented by dyslexic children are addressed by examining individual education plans and the development of differentiated curricula in schools. Gavin Reid and Janice Wearmouth have assembled an international field of renowned experts whose text will be a core source for university students on reading and dyslexia courses and is a set book for Open University course E801. Trainee teachers, special educational needs co-ordinators and educational psychologists will also find this volume of great value. Open University Set Book for course E801-Difficulties in Literacy Development '

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