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  New iRiver H10 6GB MP3 Player - Trance Red


  Refurbished iRiver H10 5GB MP3 Player w/ FM Tuner- Lounge Gray

Direct TV RC64RBK Directv RF Remote with Antenna Kit

  Features: Backlit remote and RF antenna. Controls up to 4 components, including a DTV receiver. RF replacement for the HR20, H10, H20 and R15. Code library for video and stereo components. Memory protection to secure against reprogramming during battery replacement. Operates on both IR/RF frequencies. Backlit buttons. Requires 2 AA batteries.

Magnalite Classic Cast Aluminum 15" Oval Covered Roaster with Rack

  Originally developed in 1934, MAGNALITE is best known for it's distinctive Cast Aluminum material, timeless design and commercial durability. A special casting process enables MAGNALITE cookware to have varied thickness throughout the pans, maximizing heat conductivity. The pans boast extra thick bases, which allow heat to travel quickly and evenly up the sidewalls. Pouring spouts, heavy cast lids and cast-in flame guards combine to create a product durable and efficient enough to satisfy any culinary objective. Dimensions: H10 " x L 17" x W' 10 from Handle to Handle. It is 15' inside the pot.


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