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Abroad with the Jimmies

  Excerpt: BY LILIAN BELL, AUTHOR OF 'THE LOVE AFFAIRS OF AN OLD MAID,' 'THE EXPATRIATES,' ETC. LONDON: WARD, LOCK CO., LIMITED, NEW YORK MELBOURNE. Lilian Bell Duogravure From the Painting by Oliver Dennett Grover THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED TO My Dear Father, WHOSE HIGH TYPE OF PATRIOTISM, STEADFAST LOYALTY TO THE GOVERNMENT, AND DEVOTION TO HIS FAMILY HAVE TAUGHT ME WHEREIN LIE THE IDEALS OF LIFE. Preface If the critical public had cared to snub Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie and Bee, I, who am a fighting champion of theirs, would never have run the risk of boring it by a further chronicle of their travels. But from a careful survey of my mail, I may say that the present volume of their doings and undoings is a direct result of the friendships they formed in 'As Seen by Me,' and has almost literally been written by request. With which statement, as the flushed and nervous singer, who responds to friendly clappings, comes forward, bows, sings, and retires, so do I, and the curtain falls on the Jimmies and Bee and me, all kissing our hands to the gallery. Contents Our House-boat at Henley Paris Strasburg and Baden-Baden Stuttgart, Nuremberg, and Bayreuth The Passion Play Munich to the Achensee Dancing in the Austrian Tyrol Salzburg Ischl Vienna My First Interview with Tolstoy At one of the Tolstoy Receptions Shopping Experiences CHAPTER I OUR HOUSE-BOAT AT HENLEY It speaks volumes for an amiability I have always claimed for myself through sundry fierce disputes on the subject with my sister, that, even after two years of travel in Europe with her and Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie, they should still wish for my company for a journey across France and Germany to Russia. Bee says it speaks volumes for the tempers of the Jimmies, but then Bee is my sister, or to put it more properly, I am Bee's sister, and what woman is a heroine to her own sister? In any event I am not. Bee thinks I am a creature of feeble intelligence who must be 'managed.' Bee loves to 'manage' people, and I, who love...

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