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Shakespeare's Festive Tragedy

  A unique look at the social and religious foundations of the tragic genre. Liebler asks whether it is possible to regard tragic heroes such as Lear and Coriolanus as `sacrificial victims of the prevailing social order'.

Little Giant SA-1 Sacrificial Anode (599002)

  Little Giant SA-1 Sacrificial Anode (599002) The Little Giant SA-1 Sacrificial Anode (599002) is a Magnesium accessory for use with metal-body pumps. The Sacrificial Anode provides corrosion protection and is 5/8" in diameter, 4-1/2" L, with 8" lead wire. Compatible with Little Giant pump model series: 1-EA; 1-MA; #1; 2E; 3E; 4E; and 5. To install, the lockwasher should be located between the screw head and the anode ring terminal. Once the anode is attached, cover the mounting screw and anode terminal with the epoxy which is provided. Once the epoxy is dried the pump is ready for use. Includes anode, epoxy, machine screw, 2 self tapping screws, lock washer, and an epoxy mixing stick.


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