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A Treatise of Witchcraft

  Excerpt: Wherein sundry Propositions are laid downe, plainely discouering the wickednesse of that damnable Art, with diuerse other points annexed, not impertinent to the same, such as ought diligently of euery Christian to be considered. With a true Narration of the Witch- crafts which Mary Smith, wife of Henry Smith Glouer, did practise: Of her contract vocally made between the Deuill and her, in solemne termes, by whose meanes she hurt sundry persons whom she enuied: Which is confirmed by her owne confession, and also from the publique Records of the Examination of diuerse vpon their oathes: And lastly, of her death and execution, for the same; which was on the twelfth day of Ianua- rie last past. By Alexander Roberts B.D. and Preacher of Gods Word at Kings-Linne in Norffolke. Exod. 22.18. Thou shalt not suffer a Witch to liue. Impium est a nos illis esse Remissos, quos cœlestis Pietas, Non Patitur impunitos: Alarus Rex apud Cassiodorum. LONDON, Printed by N. O. for Samvel Man, and are to be sold at his Shop in Pauls Church-yard at the signe of the Ball. 1 6 16. A2 ¶ To the right Worshipful Mai- ster Iohn Atkin Maior, the Re- corder and Aldermen, and to the Common Counsaile, Burgesses and Inhabitants of Kings Linne in Norffolke, Grace and Peace. Right Worshipfull: IN these last dayes, and perillous times, among the rest of those dreadfull euills, which are fore-told should abounda in them, a close disguised contempt of religion may be iustly accounted as chiefe, which causeth and bringeth vpon men all disastrous effects, when although it be shadowed with a beautifull Maske of holines, faire tongued: yet false-harted,b professing they know God, but in works deny him. And among these there be two especiall sorts; the one, who entertaining a stubborne, and curious rash boldnes, striue by the iudgem?t of reason, to search ouer-deeply into the knowledge of those things which are farre aboue the reach of any humane capacitie. And so making shipwracke in ...

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