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Center Moon: The Stone Of Cordova

  The Sapiens needed to flee Venus’ dwindling atmosphere. Their form of government was known as the Parliamentary Council. The Council created the Enforcement with one goal in mind. Take over, control the Earth, and colonize it for the Sapien population. With the Sapien’s continued expansion, we open our story. Captain Troupe was always a mystery to his son, Jonas. The young man was lucky if he spent more than a year with his father in total. The night of his father’s return would be the last time Jonas ever saw his father again. Jonas set off on an adventure, which unraveled his father’s hidden past.

Conqueror's Quest

  The Sapien people live on the dying planet of Venus. Their need to escape to a new world where they can continue to exist leads them to the third rock from the Sun, Earth. It is not enough that the natives of Earth, primitive Neanderthals known as Crows are willing to share their resources. The technologically advanced Sapiens desire more than a place to call home, they desire a place to dominate. It is up to two heroes, each a different species of human, to find a peaceful means of co-existing between the Crows and the Sapiens.


  Born in the flames of hell and brought to Earth as an infant to perpetrate evil, Hellboy was rescued from sinister forces by the benevolent Dr. Broom, who raised him to be a hero. In Dr. Broom's secret Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D.), Hellboy creates an unlikely family consisting of the telepathic 'Mer-Man' Abe Sapien and Liz Sherman, the woman he loves who can control fire. Hidden from the very society that they protect, they stand as the key line of defense against an evil madman who seeks to reclaim Hellboy to the dark side and use his powers to destroy mankind.

The Purifier's Tale

  A story from the upcoming collection Into the Every: Tales of Magic and Science, scheduled for release early 2009.Just in time for Halloween comes this short horror epic about Breen, the proud and vicious spawn of both Vampyre and Lycaon blood, who, as the Emperors top Purifier, is charged with the task of hunting down and destroying the last vestiges of the human stain from the world. But after an encounter with a strange human female, he suffers a crisis of both faith and identity, and spirals down a path that could determine not only his own fate, but that of both homo- and proto-sapien kind.


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