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Three Times Chosen

  The future is flooded, the fall of human civilisation partnering the risen sea level. Taking to the oceans to survive, a bioengineered remnant of Man lives a primitive, yet harmonious, life undersea in the tropics. But the Cetari are not alone in staking a claim to sapience on drowned Planet Earth. Challenging them is the numerically superior Piawro, a race of humanoidal amphibians jealous of the prosperous Merfolk. Sentenced to die for allowing the unpreventable murder of his monarch’s stepdaughter by the Amphibs, Durgay the Fisher escapes Bounty Reef and his fate as the retaliatory Merking foolishly wages war on the islanders. Joined by a renegade mermaid, he finds new purpose when, spurred on by legend of a Creator residing in the Far North, the fugitives’ embark for chiller waters. Racing against the clock counting down to Cetari extinction, can the escapees provide hope for their embattled kith and fin, or will the quest for salvation end in disappointment and death for all concerned?

The Love Affairs of Great Musicians, Volume 1

  Excerpt: By Rupert Hughes Illustrated Volume I. 1903 NOTE Portions of a few of the chapters of this work appeared serially in The Criterion, and the last chapter was published in The Smart Set. While, so far as the author knows, this is the first book on the subject, it is given, perhaps, especial novelty by the fact that advantage could be taken of much new material given to the public for the first time (with one exception) in the last few months, notably: a revelation of the exact identity of Beethoven's Immortal Beloved; the letters of Liszt to his princess; letters of Chopin long supposed to have been burned, as well as diaries and letters gathered by an intimate friend for a biography whose completion was prevented by death; the publication of a vast amount of Wagneriana; the appearance of a full life of Tschaikovski by his brother, with complete elucidation of much that had been suppressed; the first volume of a new biography of Clara Schumann, with a detailed account of the whole progress of her beautiful love story, down to the day of the marriage; and numberless fugitive paragraphs throwing new light on affairs more or less unknown or misunderstood. Love it is an hatefulle pees, A free acquitaunce without re lees. An hevy burthen light to here, A wikked wawe awey to were. It is kunnyng withoute science, Wisdome withoute sapience, Bitter swetnesse and swete errour, Right eville savoured good savour; A strengthe weyked to stonde upright, And feblenesse fulle of myght. A laughter it is, weping ay; Reste that traveyleth nyght and day. Also a swete helle it is, And a soroufulle Paradys. Romaunt of the Rose. CONTENTS CHAPTER I. THE OVERTURE II. THE ANCIENTS III. THE MEN OF FLANDERS IV. ORLAND DI LASSUS AND HIS REGINA V. HENRY AND FRANCES PURCELL VI. THE STRANGE ADVENTURES OF STRADELLA VII. GIOVANNI AND LUCREZIA PALESTRINA VIII. BACH, THE PATRIARCH IX. PAPA AND MAMMA HAYDN X. THE MAGNIFICENT BACHELOR XI. GLUCK THE DOMESTIC, ROUSSEAU THE CONFESSOR, AND...

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