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A Destiny of Fools

  2085 A.D.--Humanity is down to 500 million people worldwide due to the Great Sterility Pandemic. The age demographic pyramid is upside down with the aged in the majority, a dwindling population of able-bodied young, and babies all but unheard of. A society that once thrived on growth and innovation, now subsists on barter and salvage. There is one last chance to stave off extinction. It's a risky one. But the greater issue is--Does H. sapiens sapiens deserve it?

Conqueror's Quest

  The Sapien people live on the dying planet of Venus. Their need to escape to a new world where they can continue to exist leads them to the third rock from the Sun, Earth. It is not enough that the natives of Earth, primitive Neanderthals known as Crows are willing to share their resources. The technologically advanced Sapiens desire more than a place to call home, they desire a place to dominate. It is up to two heroes, each a different species of human, to find a peaceful means of co-existing between the Crows and the Sapiens.


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