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Outspoken Essays

  Excerpt: BY WILLIAM RALPH INGE, C.V.O., D.D. DEAN OF ST. PAUL'S FIFTH IMPRESSION LONGMANS, GREEN, AND CO 39 PATERNOSTER ROW, LONDON FOURTH AVENUE 30TH STREET, NEW YORK BOMBAY, CALCUTTA, AND MADRAS 1920 PREFACE All the Essays in this volume, except the first, have appeared in the Edinburgh Review, the Quarterly Review, or the Hibbert Journal. I have to thank the Publishers and Editors of those Reviews for their courtesy in permitting me to reprint them. The articles on The Birth-Rate, The Future of the English Race, Bishop Gore and the Church of England, and Cardinal Newman are from the Edinburgh Review; those on Patriotism, Catholic Modernism, St. Paul, and The Indictment against Christianity are from the Quarterly Review; those on Institutionalism and Mysticism and Survival and Immortality from the Hibbert Journal. I have not attempted to remove all traces of overlapping, which I hope may be pardoned in essays written independently of each other; but a few repetitions have been excised. CONTENTS PREFACE CHAPTER IOUR PRESENT DISCONTENTS CHAPTER IIPATRIOTISM CHAPTER IIITHE BIRTH-RATE CHAPTER IVTHE FUTURE OF THE ENGLISH RACE CHAPTER V BISHOP GORE AND THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND CHAPTER VIROMAN CATHOLIC MODERNISM CHAPTER VIICARDINAL NEWMAN CHAPTER VIIIST. PAUL CHAPTER IXINSTITUTIONALISM AND MYSTICISM CHAPTER XTHE INDICTMENT AGAINST CHRISTIANITY CHAPTER XISURVIVAL AND IMMORTALITY , ' ; , . Euripides. The case of historical writers is hard; for if they tell the truth they provoke man, and if they write what is false they offend God.Matthew Paris. Quattuor sunt maxime comprehendendae veritatis offendicula; videlicet, fragilis et indignae auctoritatis exemplum, consuetudinis diuturnitas, vulgi sensus imperiti, et propriae ignorantiae occultatio cum ostentatione sapientiae superioris.Roger Bacon. Iudicio perpende; et si tibi vera videntur, Dede manus; aut si falsum est, accingere contra. Lucretius. Eventu rerum stolidi didicere magistro. Claudian. . Homer. OUR PRESENT...

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