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TF-1000 ZK® Pro Basketball (Size 7) from Spalding®

   Sapling's finest institutional ball Made from Spalding's exclusive ZK® microfiber composite leather Foam backed design and full ball pebbling for unmatched performance and feel Designed for high caliber competitive indoor play

An Outback Marriage

  They drove through a rickety wire-and-sapling gate and across about a mile of bush, and suddenly came on a little slab house nestling under the side of a hill. At the back were the stockyards and the killing-pen, where a contrivance for raising dead cattle -- called a gallows -- waved its arms to the sky. In front of the house there was rather a nice little garden.

Graceful Waters

  Joanna Carey, senior instructor at Sapling Hill wasn't looking for anything more than completing one more year at the facility and getting that much closer to her private dream, a small cabin on a quiet lake. She was tough, smart and she had a plan for her life. When tough Instructor Carey meets angry and disillusioned Grace Waters, neither is prepared for what comes next. Stubborn and angry Grace meets her match in Carey, the strong and disciplined woman who's determined to help Grace help herself. What she's not expecting is that Grace will break through her own defenses. Together they will change each other's lives in ways that neither thought possible.

Speeches Of The Honorable Jefferson Davis 1858

  I have heard the resolutions read and approved by this meeting; heard the address of your candidate for Governor; and these added to the address of my old and intimate friend, Gen. Cushing, bear to me fresh testimony, which I shall be happy to carry away with me, that the democracy, in the language of your own glorious Webster, 'still lives,' lives not as his great spirit did, when it hung 'twixt life and death, like a star upon the horizon's verge, but lives like the germ that is shooting upward, like the sapling that is growing to a mighty tree, the branches of which will spread over the commonwealth, and may redeem and restore Massachusetts to her once glorious place in the Union.


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