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Saffron: Crocus Sativus L.

  Saffron is an important spice of high economic value. Used as a dye, and in the cosmetic industry, some interesting medicinal properties have recently been attributed to this genus. The book covers the research on the cultivation and genetic improvement of Saffron and all aspects on the botany, phytochemistry, pharmacology, and cultivation of the species.For two decades saffron specialists explored methods of improving its cultivation in the field and also in vitro. This research has resulted in a comprehensive and contemporary overview of saffron (Crocus Sativus L.) which will be of great interest to all concerned with the study and use of spices and medicinal plants.

The Botanical Magazine, Vol. 4: Or, Flower-Garden Displayed

  Excerpt: Botanical Magazine; OR, Flower-Garden Displayed: IN WHICH The most Ornamental Foreign Plants, cultivated in the Open Ground, the Green-House, and the Stove, are accurately represented in their natural Colours. TO WHICH ARE ADDED, Their Names, Class, Order, Generic and Specific Characters, according to the celebrated Linnus; their Places of Growth, and Times of Flowering: TOGETHER WITH THE MOST APPROVED METHODS OF CULTURE. A WORK Intended for the Use of such Ladies, Gentlemen, and Gardeners, as wish to become scientifically acquainted with the Plants they cultivate. By WILLIAM CURTIS, Author of the Flora Londinensis. VOL. IV. Observe the rising Lily's snowy grace, Observe the various vegetable race; They neither toil nor spin, but careless grow, Yet see how warm they blush! how bright they glow! What regal vestments can with them compare! What king so shining, or what queen so fair. Thomson. LONDON: Printed by Couchman and Fry, Throgmorton-Street. For W. CURTIS, No 3, St. George's-Crescent, Black-Friars-Road; And Sold by the principal Booksellers in Great-Britain and Ireland. M DCC XCI.[Pg 3][Pg 2] [109]Lavatera Trimestris. [110]Mimosa Verticillata. [111]Lathyrus Tuberosus. [112]Cistus Ladaniferus. [113]Convolvulus Purpureus. [114]Silene Pendula. [115]Lathyrus Sativus. [116]Limodorum Tuberosum. [117]Campanula Carpatica. [118]Sedum Anacampseros. [119]Strelitzia Regin. [121]Narcissus Incomparabilis. [122]Hyacinthus Racemosus. [123]Anemone Hortensis. [124]Iberis Gibraltarica. [125]Alstrmeria Ligtu. [126]Alyssum Deltoideum. [127]Ixia Flexuosa. [128]Scilla Campanulata [129]Amaryllis Vittata. [130]Alyssum Utriculatum. [131]Catesba Spinosa. [132]Rubus Arcticus....

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