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The Entrepreneurial Investor: The Art, Science, and Business of Value Investing

  This book discusses an innovative value approach: an investor looking at his/her investments as a businessman/woman might think of their business. In other words, being an entrepreneurial investor. Sections include discussion on thinking like an owner; how to decipher what companies are worth owning; cutting through the noise and hype and focusing on the company's financials to determine its worth; and how to be an investor with an eye toward the longterm. The West Coast Asset Management team, with $439 million in firm assets under management, brings their techniques and strategies to light for readers here in every chapter of this book. Their focus on smaller-cap S&P stocks with a high margin of safety that trade at a large discount to their assessment of their intrinsic value is what makes WCAM a success. Their investment philosophy, one that has given them the opportunity for a 13% return over the past year (vs. the S&P's 2-3% return), is brought to light for readers through solid examples and a light narrative style, similar to the writing in their lauded Exclusive Outlook newsletter and monthly columns within the California press.

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